Real estate

MPKV team provides legal assistance in matters related to the acquisition of property, sales and contract preparation, including preliminary purchase, earnest money contract, memorandum of preparation and tax advice to real estate purchase and sale transactions.

The Firm provides a property survey and research — examination of the legal status of the property, assessment of current and emerging risks, analysis of real estate development projects, encumbrances or restrictions.

Lease and Rent
The Firm develops residential leases and rental contracts, with or without the right to build, as well as provides advice on the termination of contracts and others rent and lease rights issues, including assistance in the preparation space usage. Provides opinions on the state or local government land leases, prepares non-residential lease agreements and advises tenants and lessors for the lease amendment, extending the deadlines and other content and legal issues.

The Firm  provides representation of the client in the negotiations on the conclusion of contracts and the court.